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About Us


PTO INC is  a Minority based Corporation established June, 2021. PTO INC is a Product and Trade Entity with a vision to deliver Products and Goods across varying opportunities in Local, State, Federal Agencies and Commercial, Industrial, Institutional Entities.

PTO INC is on track to become an MWBE and DBE certified in 3rd Quarter, 2022.

PTO INC have the capability to supply and deliver products and commodities of high quality.

PTO will contribute 1% of its Revenue to Initiatives for Good.

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Mission Statement

PTO Inc is committed to facilitate the supplies of high quality goods and products at advantageous prices in support of our trading partners requirements.


To be internationally recognized as a trading organization providing the best customer care and services.

Meet The Team

Jai Krishna Singh

Chief Executive Officer 

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Jai Krishna Singh is qualified Electrical Engineer with over 32 years combined experience in Engineering, Procurement and Entrepreneurship.

Manohar Deochand


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Qualified Accountant and is engaged in Community Development and Practices (Entrepreneurship for Good)


Our Story

PTO INC CEO Jai Krishna Singh has more than  22 years combined experience in Engineering, Procurement, Entrepreneurship and worked in the Industrial and Manufacturing Sectors. As a procurement Manager, for Multimillion dollars Entities, he is eminently qualified in procurement to consistently deliver goods of quality, competitive pricing, on time, from most major economies of the world.


PTO INC President Manohar Deochand is in Community engagement and development and practices "Entrepreneurship for Good" . 


PTO INC is a trusted Company that adds value to the procurement and trade process and its consequent valuable Clientele.


PTO will have Local, National and International capabilities and presence.

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